Customized Chamfering
Customized Adjustable
Diameter Boring Bar
Customized Adjustable
Diameter Boring Bar (Wedge
Customized Adjustable
Twin Blade Boring Bar
Customized Taper Shank
Spot Face Cutter RTCUSTOM™
Customized Straight Shank Spot
Face Cutter RTCUSTOM™
Customized ISO Cartridges
Screw Clamp Design
Customized Fine Boring Tool
For Single Bores RTCUSTOM™
Customized Fine Boring
Customized Dynamically Balanced Finish Boring Bar
Customized Spcial Finish
Turning Tool RTCUSTOM™
Customized Boring Head RTCUSTOM™
Customized Tailor Made
Customized Combination Boring
Bar with Chamfer - RTCUSTOM™
Customized Combination Boring
Bar with Counter - RTCUSTOM™
Customized Core Drill - RTCUSTOM™
Customized Single Insert
Rough Boring Bar -™

Complete customized solutions to meet customer requirements
Quick delivery period to ensure customer satisfaction
Highly skilled design team to design the required tools perfectly
Highest level of quality ensured
Experienced & qualified Production Team  
ISO certified processes
Customized Tools are offered in all the below categories:
  Customized Boring Tools: RTCUSTOM– Boring Tools
  Customized Drilling Tools: RTCUSTOM– Drilling Tools
  Customized Milling Tools: RTCUSTOM– Milling Tools
  Customized Turning Tools: RTCUSTOM– Turning Tools
  Customized Grooving Tools: RTCUSTOM– Grooving Tools
  Customized Parting Tools: RTCUSTOM– Parting Tools
  Customized Chamfering Tools: RTCUSTOM– Chamfering Tools
  Customized Combination Tools: RTCUSTOM– Combination Tools
  Customized Threading Tools: RTCUSTOM– Threading Tools
Apart from the above, any other customized requirement will also be catered to understanding the scope of work on a case to case basis. Every client has a different need and we understand that. Now, we make customized tool sourcing as easy as choosing from a catalogue of standard tools. Renuka Tools offers an end-to-end solution to all the specific requirements of indexable cutting tool holders.

Let the operation be of:
  ID Turning Radial Grooving Rough Boring
  OD turning Face Milling Semi-finish Boring
  Parting Shoulder Milling Finish Boring
  Threading Side Milling Adjustable Boring
  Face Grooving Drilling Combination Boring
  Or any other
  We have a solution to all the tooling needs. With an experienced and qualified team, ISO certified processes, and a professional set-up, we make sure to design and deliver the required tool.
  How to order
  We follow a simple tool order process which includes, An email from the customer with the technical details of customized tool requirement such as:
  Component drawing Diameter, length, etc. Special Tolerances
  Material to be machined L/D, if any Working length
  Left hand or right hand operation Adaptation system Other technical criticalities
  Machine Limitations, if any Insert brand choice, if any    
  Once we receive the email, our technical team will contact the customer to confirm all technical details, process the information and share a quick quote with you.
  A formal acceptance of the quote returned in the form of a formal Purchase Order, will result in the delivery of the specific, customized, tailor-made tool holder within ~20days (from the date of the Purchase Order).
  Renuka Tools' technical team makes ensure to update all its customers with the progress throughout. Not just that, a technical person is sent with the delivery of the tool to ensure successful trial. This helps Renuka Tools to record and improve customer experience.
  NOTE: For all customized tool holder requirements, we take PAYMENT ONLY AFTER SUCCESSFUL TRIAL!!!
  Also, the customers need not waste their valuable time in following up with us to check for the tool delivery as we have our processes of internal tracking in place which helps us deliver on time.